Key Achievements to Date

March - Block CI-513 New PSC Transaction Completed Read more. (PDF).



June - Agreement Signed - Block CI-513 Côte d'Ivoire Read more. (PDF).

June - Listing on the Open Market Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Read more. (PDF).

April - Private Placement Settlement Update. Read more. (PDF).

April - Upgraded Prospective Resources Sierra Leone. Read more. (PDF).

March - Approved Prospectus 17 March 2015. Read more. (PDF).

March - Upgraded Prospective Resources Senegal and The Gambia. Read more. (PDF).

February - Private Placement Allocation Completed. Read more. (PDF).

January - Upgraded Prospective Resources in Côte d’Ivoire and Liberia. Read more. (PDF).





December - Term Sheet Signed for Liberian Licence. Read more. (PDF).

November - Gambian Licences Reinstated. Read more. (PDF).

July - Farm-Out Agreement - Block CI-509, Côte d’Ivoire. Read more. (PDF).

May - Completion of Oslo Axess Offering. Read more. (PDF).

May - Approval to list on Oslo Stock Exchange. Read more. (PDF).

April - Licence Extensions Granted Côte d’Ivoire. Read more. (PDF).

February - 2 yr extension granted on LB-08 & LB-09. Read more. (PDF).

February - Appointment of new CEO (Dr. Stuart Lake). Read more. (PDF).

February - AUD$20 million raised in Placing. Read more. (PDF).


October - Appointment of new Chairman (Charles Matthews) and Finance Director (Stephen West). Read more. (PDF).

September - 2 yr extension granted SL-03. Read more. (PDF).

January - Spud Bee-Eater-1 on in Block LB-09. Read more. (PDF).


Liberian Blocks ratified (LB-08 and LB-09)


August – Farm-in with Buried Hill, two Blocks offshore The Gambia (A1 and A4). Read more (PDF).

June – AUD$222 million raised in Placing - Read more (PDF)

June – Listed on the National Stock Exchange of Australia (NSX). Read more (PDF).