Business Ethics

Our operations do not occur in isolation; they have a tangible impact on communities. As such, African Petroleum is committed to carrying out its operations with high moral and legal standards.

We hold our employees and contractors to high standards of business ethics and endeavor to approach all stakeholders with integrity and fair dealing in all actions.

African Petroleum, its management, employees, agents, and associates have the responsibility of applying the highest standard of ethical business practices in all their relationships with customers, suppliers, shareholders, fellow employees, and the general public. To achieve this, the Company will conduct all its business activities in compliance with the United Kingdom Bribery Act 2011 in particular, the Corporate Code of Conduct, and the Company’s Anti-bribery Policy Statement.

  • Business will be conducted fairly and courteously and take account of local custom and practice where appropriate.
  • Conduct its business in accordance with its Health and Safety and Environmental Protection Policies.
  • Ensure that its activities have a positive impact on consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and all other members of the public.Regularly audit the conduct of business activities to ensure this policy is strictly adhered to.