Environmental Policy

As an operator of offshore concessions, it is the duty of African Petroleum to provide a safe working environment and minimize any adverse impact on the environment.  HSE is embedded throughout all of African Petroleum’s core operations.  In this regard we strive for continuous improvement as lessons learned from past operations are incorporated into business practices going forward.

The Company’s environmental policy provides a framework for decision making and project implementation.  In that regard, we strive to conduct all operations in an environmentally responsible manner.  

The Company ensures that all employees and contractors are fully aware of African Petroleum’s Environmental Protection Policy and the management’s commitment thereto. The Company encourages personnel to pro-actively report any perceived potential shortfalls or failures 

The Company carries out Environmental Social Impact Assessments (ESIA) prior to all major activities and communicates the results to all government agencies and other relevant stakeholders. The Company will ensure that environmental management plans are in place and their implementation is regularly monitored.

The Company will continually review and update procedures to ensure they are valid and appropriate.  African Petroleum has contingency plans in place to swiftly mitigate any potential damage to the environment.