Health & Safety Policy

As an operator of offshore concessions, it is the duty of African Petroleum to provide a safe working environment and minimize any adverse impact on the environment. HSE is embedded throughout all of African Petroleum’s core operations. In this regard we strive for continuous improvement as lessons learned from past operations are incorporated into business practices going forward.

HSE is not an isolated policy; it is a key component of sustainability objectives.  

The welfare and safety of all personnel and the general public are the highest priority.  

In the conduct of all its activities, African Petroleum endeavours to comply with the highest international and local HSE standards. The health, safety and welfare of all personnel involved and of the general public is the highest priority.

To achieve this, the Company employs the following procedures:

  • HSE is a top priority of management 
  • Develop a culture of Health and Safety observance throughout the Company and ensure that all employees and those involved in the Company’s activities understand and share their responsibilities.
  • Regularly review and audit all activities to ensure that Health and Safety procedures are appropriate and complied with and any shortfalls or non-compliance are swiftly rectified.
  • Ensure management system is focused to identify, assess and mitigate risk to Health and Safety in all activities, with the objective of eliminating the potential for injury to personnel and damage to assets.
  • Ensure contractors to the Company have an established safety management system and a record of health protection and prevention of accidents. Make Health and Safety records available to the appropriate authorities or the public where required.